Sunday, April 24, 2011

An Easter Quest!

My wonderful neighbours, the McLaughlins, sent me on a very special hunt this morning.

It all started with a note taped, and an Easter Basket tied, to the door.

Which led me to another clue:

I'm glad I didn't have to drive to my next clue since I may have destroyed this one.

This clue led me here:

Then I was off to my next clue here:

Thank goodness my Easter Bunnies weren't taller because I'd have had a real problem getting a grip on this clue. But, I got it and then I was off to find my next clue here:

From here I ended my journey with my last clue/treat which also had something in it for my wife...some coffee!

Thank you so much to my very special Easter Bunnies, Sarah and Liam. You can see their parents hiding in the background in the photo below and I thank them ALL very much for thinking of me today. Holidays are always tough on me emotionally. My mom would always join us for dinner and since she's been gone, I've had a difficult time. What happened to me this morning was truly a wonderful, fun, and much appreciated event that I won't soon forget.

Thanks McLaughlins, you rock!

My Bounty!

The Chocolate Bunny Milky Ways are already missing. I don't think any clues are needed to find them. They were YUMMY!

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Danielle La Paglia said...

You have awesome friends, Ian. Happy Easter to you and Sandy and the McLaughlins.