Thursday, January 21, 2010

Craigslist Entry: Slightly Used Talk Show Set...

Conan's ad on Craiglist was an excellent bit and I never got a chance to offer him anything for it. It seems, however, that NBC won the bidding by offering this:

An old, big-chinned, whiney, greedy guy with worse ratings and no backbone!

The worst part about this entire debacle is that The Tonight Show will carry this permanent scar. Jay Leno had nothing to do with choosing Conan, he had nothing to do with firing him, he had even less to do with getting himself reinstated. But, he had everything to do with every part of this by not speaking out against it. That's why Jay is all chin and no backbone.

Conan and his staff will be well paid for NBC's idiocy. And, Conan will land on his feet somewhere. I can't wait to see Jay land on his face (chin fist of course).

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